Day 358 – kyotographs

snow monkey photography

I have featured Kyoto a lot on this blog – sometimes I think a bit too much. I don’t think long though. Kyoto is one of the most amazing places I have ever been. If I had to choose one place to photography for the rest of my life – in some sort of weird blackmail, hostage situation – Kyoto would be it. It’s my desert island photo location. Just as an aside, my desert island camera is the Fuji X100s (a post coming up on that in the near future). Every street corner fuses tradition and culture with the hustle of a modern city, conjuring a stunning visual melting pot. I am pretty sure I could just through a camera in the general direction of something interesting.

So… here’s a few more images from a Kyoto (did I mention that it is amazing and, if you have the chance, you…

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Uzumaki Naruto’s quote!

Falling doesn’t give you a reason to give up as long as you BELIEVE. ~ Naruto

I don’t quit, I don’t run, I never go back on my word. That’s my ninja way! ~ Naruto

It’s not the face that makes someone a monster. It’s the choices they make with their life. ~ Naruto

I don’t understand what it means give up. Because I didn’t give up I was able to beat Neji and Gaara. Because I didn’t give up I was able to pull a friends out of the darkness. Because I didn’t give up I was able to do a Rasengan. Because I didn’t give up I was able to defeat Pain. And because I didn’t give up people in my village put faith in me. ~ Naruto

Liburan Sekolah

Liburan saya dimulai pada tanggal 19 Desember 2014 sampai 5 Januari 2015. Saya tidak pergi kemana-mana saat liburan, tetapi pada tanggal 19 Desember saya dan keluarga pergi ke Puncak. Kami pergi dari rumah jam 08:00 pagi agar jalan menuju Puncak tidak macet. Saat sudah sampai saya makan di restoran Bumi Aki yang tepat berada di atas Puncak. Kemudian kami pergi ke Vihara. Kemudian kami pergi membeli Talas untuk nenek. Lalu kami pergi ke Vihara yang berbeda untuk berdoa. Saat  malam hampir tiba, kami sekeluarga makan malam di restoran Cimory Mountain View. Kemudian kami pulang ke rumah. Sampai di rumah sekitar pukul 23:00. Itulah pengalaman liburan saya. Dari tanggal 20 Desember hingga 5 Januari saya tidak pergi kemana-mana.

Top 40 Democracy: Taylor Swift’s Election Day Victory

Sounding Out!

As we read of the decisive Republican victories in the 2014 midterm elections we also hear that Taylor Swift has sold 1.29 million copies of her 1989 album in just a week. Does Swift’s landslide triumph, the biggest selling album of her career in a year when no other artist has sold a million copies at all, have any political implications? Or is popular culture, even at its most wide reaching, cut off now from any such significance? At least, there would be some political meaning in that.

Swift, arguably the most image-savvy popular musician since Madonna and Dolly Parton, won’t be of any direct use to us in figuring out the answer to the questions her success raises. But indirectly, she’s telling us a lot. “New money, suit and tie, I can read you like a magazine,” she sings about a potential conquest in one of her great new…

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